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<font 24px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Strategies for a Quality Database</font>

Definition of Quality Database:

  • Records that adhere to national MARC standards
  • Maintain current cataloging practices to national standards

Guidelines for Improving Bibliographic Records already in PINES Database:

  • Deduplication of the database
  • Fully trained cataloging staff that adhere to national standards

Guidelines for Improving Bibliographic Records Coming into PINES Database:

  • Weed and inventory collection
  • Deduplication of local database
  • Remove local cataloging practices that do not meet national standards (for example, local collection information in 245)
  • Incomplete records will be upgraded to meet MARC and national standards for cataloging. Incomplete records may be excluded in dataload. A report of such items will be provided to the library.

All collections will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by GPLS/PINES Staff to make recommendations to the incoming library.

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